Reindeer and Elves

Santa Claus cannot be thought without his reindeer and elves. Although, Santa is known for distributing gifts to children, it is Santa’s team of reindeer that pull his sleigh and help him deliver the Christmas gifts and the elves who make toy. Even though the reindeer and elves are thought to be fictitious, they are very popular with the kids.


Santa’s team of reindeer was first mentioned in the 1823 poem ‘A visit from St. Nicholas’.

More rapid than eagles his coursers they came,
And he whistled, and shouted, and call'd them by name;
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Luxury Christmas Crackers Magic

Cheap and cheerful is the only way to describe them, the Christmas crackers usually found on most festive dinner tables.

There's something eminently satisfying standing back and admiring a well-planned feast of festive cheer. Every year, more and more work seems to go into it.

But the crackers. Who thinks too much about the crackers? They're almost an afterthought, a requirement, a last-minute reflex action as you pass by and grab the nearest box   from a huge stack of them at the local supermarket. You could do a lot better.

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Christmas Gifts for Best Friend

Christmas Gifts for Best Friend

Christmas has been considered as one of the most cherished holidays since many years. This can be perfect time to show your close friend how much he or she is important to you. You definitely want to offer a gift which has got some special meaning and which will make your friend remember good memories for his or her life time. How about offering engraved Christmas gifts which will offer personalized touch while conveying some unique message? These can be special Christmas gifts which your friend can remember year after year. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to pick out a gift for those friends who have everything. Here is a list of some Christmas gifts you may not have thought of before -

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